Wednesday, October 05, 2005

ReVision11 in Gibraltar

Hello from Gibraltar! We arrived here a couple of days ago after 3 nights sailing from Denia. I had been a bit anxious about the trip down as the weather in the med has really changed (we have had to get the duvet out and our sun tans are fading fast - just wind burn now!)
We had the most amazing trip down after all my worrying, we motored for the first day and night but then had lovely gentle winds in just the right direction and the sun came out and it was gorgeous being on passage away from land. We saw so many dolphins it just got to the point that unless they came to play we didn’t bother mentioning them but on the last night it was really dark and we had the most incredible phosphorescence that when the dolphins came to play they appeared as a streak of light approaching the boat and then looked like they had headlights on - unbelievable!
As we got near to Gibraltar the fog came right down and it was really errie, luckly Andrew had been getting really used to the radar on the way down, which we could not have done without. There was so many ships going in all directions - v scary indeed. We finally made it into Gib but no marina berths were to be found so we anchored off for the first night but managed to sneak a place the next night. Gib is v strange as all squaddies and sailors but the licor is v cheap and the morrisons supermarket is fantastic. We’ve stocked up and Andrew has done lots of engine jobs. Hopefully we are gonna go and do some tourist things tomorrow.
We hope to set off for the Canaries towards the end of the week but will see how weather goes.
Sorry we have not been able to reply to all your emails but web access has not been as easy as we’d hoped so far and when we get online we usually have only a few minutes but we really appreciate hearing from you.


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