Friday, July 17, 2015

ReVision II Sold

It's official, we are now in-between boats. 
Today we removed our treasures that have kept us safe - Homard (our Lobster bought on a girls weekend away), our Live Laugh Love Bear Simone gave me when we left Mallorca, our St Christopher that Claire bought us when we left UK, our Turkish Eye that Paul and Lizzie gave us in Graciosa, our Aussie Koalas and Wombat Russell - they'll all be packaged up for the new boat. We are excited to follow her travels with her new owners and so glad she'll stay in her pen at Fremantle Sailing Club.
For now I will just share one of our favourite pictures and the video of her sailing in the pacific 

Andrew promised to take me to Bora Bora the night we met and arriving there in 2006 remains one of the most amazing days of my life. 

Sandy and Joan on Zefrin took this video mid Pacfic - between the Galapagos and Fatu Hiva.

We feel very lucky to have owned such an amazing boat and travelled 20,000 nms and visiting over 40 countries or islands. 

Safe sailing ReVision II and look after T&M just like you did us x x


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