Thursday, October 27, 2005

ReVision II still in Graciosa

As we said in our last update, we have fallen for this small island and are still here - but we are doing some work on the boat now as well as having fun.

We did mountain bike to the village at the end of the island last week - it was great fun cycling on the rough roads - just a few steep hills. The end of the week was all very social with an art show put on by the boat kids, several get togethers on other boats and we had Paul and Liz from Amaranth over for dinner. Far too much drinking going on - but great fun!

We took the ferry to Lanzarote on Tuesday to drop the sail of to be repaired and pick up some boat bits and pieces. We took the bus (yes public transport again!) to Arrecife. It was lovely as we went right across the island and into lots of small towns. We managed to get all the things we needed, bumped into some of our friends from Graciosa and went to a local place for fab lunch before heading back to our lovely island.

Yesterday Andrew replaced the fuel filler and breather hoses while I made a start sanding the main hatch, which desperately needs varnishing. Today we have been re-fueling and filling the water tanks - a job that took all morning trying to arrange and get a slot and then transfer to the tanks. Simple things can take forever in paradise. We have decided to turn the fridge off today as it is using too much electricity - so using up the last of the ice in lunch time gin & tonics. I have lost Andrew for the afternoon as he’s been given a book on boat mechanics and electronics which he is engrossed in!!!

Byee for now. X


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