Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tropical Storm Delta

We sailed from Graciosa on Sunday 29th November bound for Marina Rubicon in Lanzarote hoping to arrive prior to the forecast arrival of Tropical Storm Delta which was heading our way. Fortunately we were here in good time and were safe and secure in our berth on Monday night when the storm hit. I'm glad to say we were well back from the sea wall as a huge swell developed in the 60+ knt winds which has sandblasted everything here. The roof was blown off a building before our eyes (about 50 yards away), and flagpoles and other structural destruction is abound. A few boats have been damaged and a couple of pontoons ripped out. It's too early to say how extensive the damage is at this point we are just relieved that the storm seems to have passed and we are getting on with cleaning up. Our thoughts are with our many friends elsewhere in the canaries and we hope they are all safe. Byee for now