Sunday, December 04, 2005

Relaxing in Rubicon???

For the sailors out there we have attached a picture showing how much our barometer dropped as Tropical Storm Delta hit. We don't want to see that again in a hurry.

After all the excitement of Delta we have been busy getting R2 ready for our Atlantic crossing. We each have a list of jobs pinned to the wall and are working our way steadily through them. We had hoped to be away from Lanzarote by now but are still waiting for our new main sail to be delivered - hopefully anyday but unfortunately our sailmaker felt the force of Tropical Storm Delta a little more than us.

We have bought all our non-perishable food for the crossing - more fray bentos pies and corned beef than any two people should eat in a lifetime. Stowing the food was a task in itself and took half a day including updating a spreadsheet so we know what we have got and where it is.

Andrew has re-plumbed the water pressure system and is very proud of his pump board!

Carolyn is seriously into varnishing - we want R2 to look pretty when we get to the Caribbean.

We have checked in with an Atlantic crossing net on the SSB radio - this is co-ordinated by another yacht who records the position of the yachts crossing and we then share weather and safety information as we cross. Many of our friends have left already and are going via the Cape Verde islands. We are heading for Antigua when we go.

And yes we are finding time for a bit of relaxing - we went to the pool at the marina this afternoon - lovely and hot for the first time in weeks.


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