Sunday, March 05, 2006

Life beyond Antigua

Yes folks, you may not believe it, but as much as we love Antigua we have finally left! Friday morning we said good bye to our friends Derrick & Louis on sister ship to R2, Aldebarran II (A2 maybe?!) after they replenished our stores as A2 was being lifted out. We checked out of Jolly Harbour and Antigua and made the big step to the anchorage just outside. We had a fantastic evening with an amazing sunset followed by a few two many rums with Matt & Tracey from Helene and Larry from Kokopelli on board R2. Saturday morning a little worse for wear we pulled out and started our trip south. We heard on the radio that the volcano on Monserrat, which is just off the west coast of Antigua, was having a little eruption. So we sailed out towards the island to take a closer look (not too close though). It was amazing - smoke and ash pouring out the top of the crater. We then turned south and headed to Guadeloupe, catching a nice Barracuda on the way which we returned because they are frequently poisonous.

We arrived in a little town called Deshailes late yesterday afternoon avoiding customs and immigration for the evening as checking in and out wasn't going to be a pain. Deshailes is a real mix of France and Caribbean absolutely beautiful and very different to the places we went to in Antigua. Swimming and snorkelling in Deshailes was lovely as the water was so clear, in Antigua the water was quite cloudy due to limestone so you could rarely see much. No time to stop though and another early start today as we are now on passage down the west coast of Guadeloupe to a group of Islands called Des Saintes. Our journey got off to an interesting start this morning when half an hour out the engine overheated. There was absolutely no wind and the sea was like a mill pond. Luckily Andrew noticed the temperature gauge was right up before the engine stopped and luckily again he had bought the hose that had gone in Palma in the summer. He thought it looked like it might be on the way out. So Andrew set about repairing the engine while I sat watch - he got the short straw as I had dolphins come to visit and the gorgeous coast of Guadeloupe to look at and he had to work on a steaming hot engine on an already scorching day. Anyway, half an hour later and we were on our way again. We hope to spend the next couple of days around Des Saintes before moving on to Dominica and then to Martinique to meet up with our friends on Imaginess.


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