Friday, June 16, 2006

Normal Service Resumed

At 23:22 GMT on Friday June 16th ReVision II is at 8 deg 39 min South and 132 deg 23 mins West. We have 388 miles to go to Fatu Hiva. We are glad to report that normal service has been resumed. For the last few days we have had steady winds, blue skies and rolling seas. It really is wonderful out here - knowing we only have a few more days makes it even better. Our days are lazy again, reading, cooking and doing the occasional tweak to the sails or steering. Yesterday was overtaken by the catching of a fabulous dorada, it was absolutely beautiful, bright blue and yellow and weighed about 15lbs so plenty of fish for the next few days - Andrew seems to have the magic touch when it comes to fishing in the Pacific as many of the other boats we are with have tried for days with nothing. Although 3 boats all caught a fish yesterday. I have taken over net control for the formal radio net in the afternoon, something I never thought I could do but so far so good, I just have to be careful I don't talk to each boat too long as it uses alot of power, it is quite fun and we feel like we are doing our bit.

As promised Andrew's Birthday poems:

From Nick & Ellen on Kika:

On the good ship Revision II
Carolyn was most excellent crew
Andrew was the Captain strict
Any problems, had 'em licked
Bust their backstay, no problemo
Not to worry, when Scooby was 'let go'!

R2 had fun on their way
To the Marquesas, left in May
Hoping to arrive in June
By the light of the next full moon

Shared their journey with their friends
Speedy Zeferin, Roomy Helene,
Racy Raggers, Ripple 2
and Kika (the ex Boat Show sloop)

Birthday wishes they all sent
To Andrew, that fine sailing gent
'Bonne Anniversaire' and all that jazz
In Fatu Hiva, we'll have a razz

From Will & Alyssa on Ragtime:

Andrew and Carolyn went to sea
in the beautiful R2 boat,
they took some spares
and plenty of flares,
all wrapped up in a foul weather coat!

They sailed night and day
to a land far away
to a place where Scooby broke free,
they drank beer and wine
which made everything fine
when Scooby returned from the sea!

Andrew and Carolyn went to sea
in the beautiful R2 boat,
with cockroach drills
and backstay ills
all aboard their Galapagos float!

Life at sea
seemed ever so glee
on the BIRTHDAY R2 boat,
there's been fish and cake
that Carolyn baked,
And there'll be plenty of time for wine,
when we all get to the Marquesas on time!

Obviously this lot have been at sea too long!! But it did really make Andrew's day - thanks.


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