Friday, June 09, 2006

Krazee Kiwi's

At 0049 GMT on Friday June 9th ReVision II is at position 05 Degrees 50 Minutes South and 112 Degrees 46 Minutes West. 1565 miles to go. We have spent the last 2 days playing cat and mouse with our good Kiwi friends Sandy, Joan and Warwick aboard Zeferin. We first met Sandy and Joan in the Canaries and have been in close contact with them ever since speaking regularly by radio and meeting up in Bonaire, Curacao, Panama and the Galapagos. Warwick (our human gearbox in the Panama Canal) joined them for this leg of their trip in Panama. Sandy and Joan really are the most remarkable couple. This is their second time across the Pacific having previously made the trip in 1973 with their children and another family- 4 adults, 5 kids, one backpacker and a guinea pig on one boat by all accounts. I don't think they will mind me saying that they are both in their seventies and act as though they are in their twenties. Joanie is totally glamorous, climes the mast and is just the warmest person. Sandy has a big bushy beard and is always jolly - a bit like Father Christmas. They have been hot on our heels for two days and trailed us by 1 mile overnight last night hanging back before making a dawn flypass. Sandy decked out in his Hawaiian shirt and Warwick at the helm. Lots of photos from both sides for exchange later. Quite a special moment meeting up with friends mid ocean some 1400 miles from the nearest land. What a revelation GPS has been for the ocean navigator!

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