Friday, March 31, 2006

Swimming with the fishes

Well our first impressions of Bonaire have stayed true. We have really been having fun here. This island has everything in pink, from the airport tower to a beach to rumours of pink dolphins. On Sunday we rented a motorbike and toured the island, everyone we passed gave a smile and a wave. We stopped off on the way for some snorkeling on the west of the island then headed inland and saw amazing desolate lakes where the flamingoes feed and had a great lunch of conch and fish for just a few pounds. In the afternoon we went out to the east coast and watched the huge seas break on the shore - it�s amazing the amount of debris they bring, mostly plastic bottles - a real shame. I even had a go at riding the motorbike! Monday we started our PADI open water diving course. It was a pretty intensive few days of diving and studying but we sat the exam on Thursday and did our final dive with our instructor and both passed so now we are divers. We have dived four times since and it gets better and better. We have seen the most amazing fish and coral. Yesterday a French Angel Fish swam right up to my mask and just stared, we think it was looking at it�s reflection. Then to make our day just as we were returning to R2 we spotted a turtle - he was right under R2 and we swam with him for a while - incredible!

We have met some great people here - lots of boats have been here for ages diving and relaxing. There is a great little bar which has a happy hour every night where lots of people meet up. We met Laura and Glen from Turn One at the dive school and are trying to persuade them to head west with us but their dive boots are keeping them firmly fixed in Bonaire. Yesterday we met up with some of our old friends from the Canaries and had a BBQ on board Pelican with Vincent, Iris, River & Roxie and Sandy & Joan from Zeffrin.


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