Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Slow going to the Galapagos

At 15:00 GMT on Wednesday May 10th 2006 ReVision II is at 4 Deg 33 minutes North and 80 Deg 36 minutes West. 3 days after leaving Pedro Gonzalez in the Gulf of Panama we have managed only 250 miles, half of this with the engine. We have light head winds, a lumpy sea and a current constantly pushing us back where we have come from. It's slow progress. We have been lucky enough to see an abundance of wild life on the way. Our journey has been full of dolphins and turtles and last night we were accompanied by 3 pilot whales for a while. They were about 15 feet long and right beside the boat...almost touching distance. We hooked a very large tuna yesterday only to see it leaping out of the water before escaping. We are in regular contact with friends also on passage aboard Kika, Helene, Noa and Ragtime as well as Zefferin back in port in Balboa. Only 664 miles to the Galapagos and 4700 to Tahiti!

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