Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Panama here we come

We had such a great time in Bonaire we thought we might never leave but on Friday we dropped our mooring and had a fantastic day sail to Curacao. We anchored in an enclosed area called Spannish Water, it was not quite a beautiful as Bonaire but had it's own charm of mangroves and houseboats, sailboats whizzing about and a great little bar set up to help cruisers. Clearing in took us on a bus to Willemstad the capital then on a ferry across the river that separates the town. Luckily they let us clear in and out at the same time as we were only staying a couple of days. The town is really clean with lots of bright coloured buildings in a dutch style. It's been along time since we were in such a busy place but we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately we had to buy a new camera as the old one got a bit damp on a diving trip in Bonaire and didn't like it. We managed to bargain for a good deal so we are up and running again. We stocked up on fruit and veg in the Venezuelan market - rickety boats bring the produce and they sell it on the dockside. It was funny trying to talk Spannish again but we got by even if we are not sure what some of the things we bought are. After two days in Curacao we decided to push on. We passed Sandy & Joan coming in the channel as we left Spanish Water and set sail towards Panama. We are hoping to visit the San Blas Islands off the Panama coast for a few days before heading to Panama to arrange our canal transit into the Pacific. All is going well at the moment and we are getting used to being at sea once again - rolling along with the wind behind us. Position 1830 GMT 1326N 7350W. We have to stay quite a way off the Columbian coast as it can be very windy and the best current is out here. All being well we should arrive on Friday in San Blas.


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