Sunday, May 14, 2006

Speeding Along to Galapagos at last

Position 14 May 2006 14:30 GMT 02 degrees, 34 minutes north and 85 degrees, 23 minutes west. Conditions have improved greatly since our last update, we had record speeds of 7.2 knots last night, actually in the correct direction. The night before Andrew caught our first tuna, which was small but absolutely delicious - a 'reel' treat. Now I am pressing him for more. Our two boobies are still with us - they come closer and closer to ReVision II with every visit - we are getting quite fond of them. Three of our friends have already arrived in the Galapagos now the race is on between us and Helene. We hope to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday all being well. Sorry not much more to say - we are just out here - Togs on Helene has been writing a poem about this passage which I will have to post later on. Byeee for now.

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