Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Paradise found

We arrived safely in Rangiroa in the Tuamoto Archipelago on Sunday. We had to bypass Ahe as we had made such good time we would have had a long overnight wait outside the pass until it was safe to go in so we continued on to the next Atoll. Some local fishermen helped us out and pointed the way in as it was difficult to see with huge waves breaking all around us. The pass was running at about 5 knots out to sea and as a result there were overfalls and whirlpools which we ploughed right through. Without doubt the most exciting arrival we have ever undertaken but slowly we were able to battle through the entrance into the calm of the lagoon- (much overheated engine and frayed nerves). The place is truly paradise. A huge lake in the middle of the ocean surrounded by 140 islands. Its 40 miles across, flat calm and the bluest blue. Tomorrow we are making a drift dive through the pass, you jump in at one end and the rescue boat collects you as you zip out the other side. Its full of sharks and other wildlife- we'll write a full report later.


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