Saturday, December 31, 2005

Day 4

Position 1837 GMT 31 December 2005 22 degrees 54 mins North 20 degrees 42 mins West. Only 2358.3 nautical miles to go! We've made it to the tropics. We crossed tropic of cancer about 11 last night. We expected to have glorious weather today but just more of the same - maybe tomorrow?? We have had our best sailing day so far today averaging over 5 knots all day, we are continuing to go south as a new tropical storm named Zeta has formed mid Atlantic and we want to give that a wide berth. We continue to have radio contact with our friends in Las Palmas and those ahead in the Cape Verdes. Today we also checked in with a new Atlantic crossing net on the radio. This is a group of boats all crossing around the same time, we give our position, share our current weather and support each other. We heard today that our friends Nick & Ellen on Kika arrived in Martinique and are already drinking rum cocktails - we can't wait to join them. ( No wildlife to report today but we were visited by the Mauritian Navy this afternoon - a ship appeared heading straight for us, turned when we called them up, but came right across our stern for a good look, probably to check we weren't drug or people smuggling. So it's New Years eve, we wish everyone a happy New Year and will be having a small glass of Cava at midnight.


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